Fall Conference 2022

Nothing Else full res
All around us, we see the reality of a broken and dying world. As military conflicts rage, natural disasters multiply, and hurting people yearn for relief, thinking people around the world realize that something momentous is around the corner.

Seventh-day Adventists have long believed that God has given a special message for these final days of earth’s history—and that this message is expressed in the urgent calls of three angelic messengers spoken of in the final chapters of the Bible. In fact, one of the guiding founders of this faith movement expressed that “nothing else” is to absorb our attention.

But are the three angels’ messages truly relevant for this generation? How do the warnings about Babylon or the mark of the beast relate to the daily concerns we face in this fast-paced world? Does anyone even care? Will anyone listen?

Join us, October 19-22, as we explore the call of the three angels for this generation and commit to fulfilling our God-given mission in meaningful and practical ways.

Nothing more.
Nothing less.
Nothing else.

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, October 19
7:00pm — Thatcher Chapel*

Thursday, October 20
11:00am — University Church*
7:00pm — Thatcher Chapel*

Friday, October 21
Afternoon Outreach
7:30pm — University  Church*

Sabbath, October 22
10:00am — Thatcher Chapel
11:00am — Thatcher Chapel
3:00pm — Breakout Seminars (Hackman Hall)
6:00pm — Thatcher Chapel*

*Enrichment credit provided.


Conference Speakers

Jeremy Arnall
(Plenary Sessions)
Pastor, South Bay SDA Church

Stephen and Felicia Lee
(Breakout Seminar)
Directors, ASI Young Professionals

Jack Phillips
(Breakout Seminar)
Evangelism Trainer, It Is Written

Michael Hasel, PhD
(Breakout Seminar)
Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology
Director, Institute of Archaeology
Curator, Lynn H. Wood Archaeological Museum
Co-Director, The Fourth Expedition to Lachish

Steven Manoukian
(Breakout Seminar)
Student Missions Director, Southern Adventist University
Former President, Middle East and North Africa Union Mission