Fall Conference 2023




Following Jesus—living by His Word—requires determination.

Amidst a world of conflicting ideologies, challenges to faith, and personal struggles, it is becoming increasingly necessary to take bold stands for God. How do I follow Jesus when society regards my faith as exclusive and intolerant? How do I make choices for God even when I don’t feel like it? What does it look like to live by the Word of God in a world that deems such a lifestyle outdated and irrelevant?

Join us, Nov. 1-4, as we explore what it looks like to be faithful,

to follow the Lamb wherever He goes,

to make choices for God on a daily basis

To Be Determined.

Conference Schedule

Wednesday, November 1
8:00pm - Lynn Wood Hall Chapel*

Thursday, November 2
8:00pm - Thatcher Chapel*

Friday, November 3
7:30pm - Iles Gym*

Sabbath, November 4
10:00am - Lynn Wood Hall Chapel
11:15am - Lynn Wood Hall Chapel
2:30-3:45pm -Small Group
4:00-5:15pm -Breakout Seminars (Hackman Hall)

*Enrichment credit provided.

Conference Speaker

Jonathan Walter - 2019web

Jonathan Walter, an Austrian native, comes from an international family of pastors, evangelists, and church administrators. He is passionate about the message, identity, and prophetic calling of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. After feeling the call into full-time ministry he served as a missionary to the Marshall Islands. Graduating from Bogenhofen Theological Seminary in Austria, he received an invitation to serve in missionary work with C.A.M.P.U.S., a public campus ministry to Michigan State University, as well as joining the local University Seventh-day Adventist Church’s pastoral team.

Before accepting the call to the General Conference Ministerial Association he had been serving as a pastor in several churches in Michigan, as well as in various evangelistic endeavors around the world.

Jonathan also served as Vice President of Programming and Vice President of Missions for G.Y.C., a supportive ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist church, and currently is part of the InVerse cast, a weekly Hope Channel program.

Jonathan is married to Amanda, a middle school teacher and founder of www.MapleAlps.com, a Christian lifestyle brand.