Fall Conference 2018: Sermon Archive


Main Plenary

The Word Only

Wes Peppers - 10/17/18

The Atheist Who Found God

Wes Peppers - 10/18/18

Faith Only

Wes Peppers - 10/18/18

Truth Only

Wes Peppers - 10/19/18

The Evolution Believing Creationist

Wes Peppers - 10/20/18

The Adventist Atheist

Wes Peppers - 10/20/18

Sabbath School

Q&A Panel


Breakout Sessions

Points of View


Joan and Rodney McClellan


Part 1

Part 2

Beyond the Book: Connecting with God

Michelle Doucoumes / Janelle Dietrich

Breaking the Blockage

Devotional CPR - Simple Tips on Reviving your devotional life

Worship As It Is In Heaven


Eurydice V. Osterman